Meditation Diaries A Shamanic Meditation Healing

Meditation Diaries

I meditate often. When I am finished meditating, I often write it down in books. I have been meditating for over twenty years. Keeping track of my meditations did not start until late 2012. I realized I wanted to keep track of my spiritual progress. I had learned so much at this point and was spiritualizing my whole life.

It’s important to know there are many forms of meditation. Lucid dreaming, guided meditation, gazing, open-eyed meditations are just a few different meditations. Dreaming can also be meditative when messages from spirit, God, guides, angels or your higher-self come through.

Messages from meditations can be short, like a picture that pops into your head or a few words. The messages can also be long. You never know what is coming until you meditate. The messages can also come in bits and pieces. It all depends on the person meditating and what is going on with them.

I am going to share some of my meditation experiences here to see how they go over with people. This was an idea I could not get out of my head. I kept thinking about meditation diaries. Then the idea of how and where to post them came to mind. I could have posted them anywhere. I could  post them as fiction stories.

Meditation Diaries A Shamanic Meditation  Healing

This was a shamanic meditation for healing that turned into a soul retrieval meditation. Starting out wanting to know about my family’s history. I gain a lot more knowledge from this meditation than I had ever thought I would. Discovering that groups of souls often incarnate together to help one another and I was in a rather large group of souls. We had been incarnating together for 10000s of years and this large group was going to break up into three smaller groups after this incarnation.

First, I am in the middle of the woods in a clearing by a big river. There are two huge stone gateways that look like something from Stonehenge. This is a place of my ancestors, both Druids and Native Americans. It is a sacred place of ceremony. This is a place of significant history for me. My soul is ancient and I learn that both Druid and Native American blood run through my veins on both sides of my family.

I also learn my soul is ancient and has been through a lot. It is time for me to go through what we called a soul retrieval ceremony. I am told this by my spirit guide, who is in the form of a Native American Chief called Eagle-feather. He is just one of my many spirit guides.

Eagle-feather asks me if I want to go through with the soul retrieval ceremony.

I say yes, I want to do the ceremony.

He guides me to a well and tells me to drink from the well, but only if I am ready to heal. If I am not ready, this journey could be dangerous. I drink from the well. I am greeted by a medicine man who takes me to the stone gateway.

We will walk through it together, if you are ready. This is your last change to turn back. I took his hand, and we walked through the gateway together. I am taken to another place, another realm. We walk through a cave with huge crystals hanging everywhere. When we get to the middle of the cave, he opens his medicine bag. He hands me a staff. He tells me it is my soul retrieval staff with it, I will regain all that I have lost throughout my many lifetimes.

I take the staff. The moment I touch it, everything goes black. In the cave’s darkness, I can see thousands of crystals glowing. I heard a voice say, the one’s that are glowing are the part of your soul calling back to you. I collect as many of the crystals as I can and put them in a pile next to the staff. After some time, all the small crystals formed into one large crystal. The large crystal then shrank and slowly disappeared into my body.

I heard a voice say; you have healed many lifetimes, not just this one. You will heal and sleep. The next thing I remember waking up in my bed.

I hope you enjoyed reading my meditation dairies about soul retrieval. Much love and light to all. Thank-you for reading. 

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