Poem: Intuition

Follow your intuition, it always knows the way to go.

Look for the signs along the road.

Understand your soul’s code.


Intuition leads down your right path.

Always follow your intuition, even if others laugh.


Intuition is your spirit speaking from within.

It knows the secrets of the soul.

It knows your highest goals.

Follow your intuition and you will always win.

3 thoughts on “Poem: Intuition

  1. a reply

    yet to win us not the aim,
    no egoic structure,
    no guilt,
    no shame,
    and crucially,
    no blame,

    to know that knowing is,
    as if,
    from before,
    before time,
    no hat,
    no coat,
    no house or boat,
    no sailing the void,
    a solace and peace,
    the eternal mother divine


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