Questions For Poets


I have a few questions for all the poets out there. I have been writing poetry for some time. Publishing my works on my blogs, in anthologies, and publishing my book. Over the years, I looked into contests and publishing in magazines.

What do you feel is the best way to get your work published?

Blogging, writing and publishing your work in books, is a great way to get out there.

I have tried a few anthologies, but have found they can be more trouble than they are worth. It all depends on who is putting them together.

Contests and magazines can take months to get answers if they are going to publish your work.


Is blogging enough?

I know for some blogging, their poetry is enough. It was for me at first. I joined a few poetry groups where people were doing anthologies. I started watching what was going on. My works are in a few. I soon realized the best way for me to go was publishing a book.

Do you enter poetry contest?

Way back when about twenty years ago. I entered writing contests. I soon discovered many of them wanted an entry fee and it soon became not worth it.


Do you send your works to magazines?

I have sent my work to magazines here and there. It can take a long time to hear from them.


Thank-you for reading and answering my questions.

Much love and light.

Brenda Marie


15 thoughts on “Questions For Poets

      1. I know you love freestyle poetry. I think we all have our preferences. You write short stories as well, don’t you? You could choose a subject and write poetry and short stories with that subject in mind and publish a book. I’m working on the second part of my Fairies, Myths, & Magic book dedicated to the Winter Solstice. You write gorgeous poetry. Why not? ❤


  1. Dear Brenda Marie… the synchronicity of your post startles me when I come online. But I feel we’re often on the same wavelength. I had just written a few words in my journal (well actually completed a thought from yesterday) on this very topic. I debated publishing it online. But of course as usual I have managed to kick myself off of my own blog (with the last post – but I don’t exactly regret that either – stopping writing gives more time for reading and responding to posts like these). Then I see your post in the feed. The timing is perfect for me… it’s like a sign.

    Such great questions, and wonderful to read your answers. Each among us has a ‘best way’ at different times, don’t we. I have done an anthology with a writers group made of close former high school friends who’d reconnected with me from years later. One of them did most of the “forest”/organizational work and the rest of us focussed on the detail work (editing, titling etc.) It was a fantastic collaborative experience because we all worked together well. We each had skills we brought to the table. It didn’t make us famous nor earn us any money, nor did we expect it to. We had a celebration when it was complete and handed one to close friends and family.

    My partner has suggested I round up local writers and do another anthology, and I’m not against it but I’m not much of a forest person, so organizing that would be a big stretch for me, and I also feel that it’s time for me to publish a book of my own or three. I have made many but never finished them. I also have little regular connection with local writers and their work, having spent any free connection time online the past several years, so our work would now be disconnected and mosaic rather than integrated and woven perhaps. Which would also be fine I suppose and perhaps it’s time for me to do that (stretch myself a little).

    For any poets just beginning – I would love to give advice but it would probably take a book to do so. ;)) Short answer is that online is immediate and so gives immediate feedback (in the form of views, likes, comments) on almost every platform these days. The communities are wild and wonderful and when you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy for easily-influenced folks to be led astray or away from the original mission. (Or perhaps that is simply all part of the way. :))

    I did used to submit to contests but same conclusion as you, Brenda Marie. That said, I have just begun to do that again. I find the fee worthwhile because the lit is at a high level (I usually buy the anthology) and the prompt can generate amazing new results in our own work, which is a personal achievement in itself. I don’t submit often, because it is a challenge for me to release work and not hear about it for half a year. I’m still hoping though that eventually good things do come to those who wait. :))

    Thanks for the beautiful questions. I look forward to hearing from more authors or want-to-be-authors on this topic. Now I’m off to finish the pre-school-run tasks and hopefully buckle down on another first or second draft! :))

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  2. Brenda – I literally just wrote recently about similar thoughts… I don’t know what direction to take my poetry in… is a book worth it for me? what would I be trying to accomplish by it? I’d be really curious to know what conclusions you come to, Brenda – please keep us in the loop with your thinking, as it develops.


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    1. Ben, I asked these questions because I wanted to know what others thought. When I wrote writing through the soul, I did it for myself. I think I just wanted to prove to myself I could do it. I am working on an updated version of the book, now.


  3. I think it all depends on what your goals are. For me, blogging my poetry has been enough so far. I’ve always started an Instagram account where I share my poetry. The traditional way of submitting to magazines can be frustrating, as you mentioned. There are still some websites and other places I submit to, but traditional magazines seem rather pointless to me now.


  4. Poetry is a recent addition to express my words. For now, I’m enjoying the communion I feel with metered poetry where I have to cut excess to meet requirement.
    The poems emerging from me right now are pretty lame compared to what I see others publishing. I’m in awe with it all. I hope to grow.
    I like the challenges a lot. I think I’ll remain here a bit longer.
    Self publishing is hard work. I got a taste once. I want to do it again but for now I need to practice poetry more.
    Do what’s best for you— your heart knows.
    Thanks for the question. It made me think. xoxo

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