Poem: Stuck at the Crossroads

Caught between this and that!

Never knowing the right way to go.

One day going right, the next going left.

Pulling and pushing, back and forth.

The heart torn between two different dreams.


Looking deep inside,

Trying to find the peace where it hides.

All telling you to listen to your guides.

The guides speak in mysterious languages

That you do not understand or know.

Trying so hard to help your soul grow.

But, your own path you do not know.


Stuck at the crossroads.

Knowing it is time to decide.

You must let one go and let the other grow.

Feeling that only your heart truly knows the way to go.

You; look deep within to decide the way to turn.

You look back on all you have learned.

Hoping it will help you decide,

The right way to turn

Without getting burned.

Photo from pixabay.com


4 thoughts on “Poem: Stuck at the Crossroads

  1. and within the beat of his chest,
    hanging in the air his breath,
    he saw,
    there is no right,
    there is no left,
    a path less trodden,
    was his,
    his quest,
    for him alone to walk in peace,
    for him the destination,
    lies in the mystery of the trees,
    on the tip of the breeze,
    and in the chírp of bird song,
    as day to night dance,
    with the greatest grace and with a joyful ease.

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