Poetry: Haikus New Writing Style For Me

I mostly writing free style poetry. My poet friends have been urging me to write something different. I tried my hand at writing some haikus. What do you think?

I need to be me

set the spirit of my soul

free to explore more


In the healing realm

Ascension is reclaimed

Heaven is our home


spiritual mystic

is my soul’s calling power

power that flowers

6 thoughts on “Poetry: Haikus New Writing Style For Me

  1. you write, as
    Brenda Marie Fluharty,
    an Irish,
    poet is she,
    talk straight,
    tell your friends,
    feck off,
    shove ‘ém out the garden gate,
    write as you feel,
    it’s no big deal,
    so fashion yourself,
    keep it real,
    check out Lia,
    and see how she feels.


  2. I think you’re on to something huge here. Keep going.
    Colleen had great lessons in her book. I’m sure you know. These have the feel of having been blessed by her. Lovely. All the best.


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