Writing Through the Soul: What’s Going On in the Writing World?

What’s going on in the writing world? Well, for me, I am well on my way to the reworking of Writing Through the Soul. I have gotten over 50 pages of work done. It would amaze you at all that goes into working on even a poetry book. I have found some helpful links for writing and publishing poetry. I am still continuing to grow as a writer.

After years of trying to post regularly. I have finally done it. At least here, anyway. I have changed so much over the years. Growing in all areas of life. Three years ago, I started a spiritual blog, The Spiritual Mystic. I often go back and forth with wanting to write poetry and spiritual articles. Like I said before, I have changed so much. So, I often have a lack of ideas for the Spiritual Mystic.

When I started the blog, I was deeply into Reiki and was writing articles about Reiki. While I still do Reiki, my spiritual interests have changed. I have gotten deeply into Ascension. Not being able to figure out a way to add it to the stuff I have written about already. I once was into past life healing and dream work. While I have a desire to write articles for the blog, I can seem to come up with anything.

The Spiritual Mystic continues to grow, even though I have not posted anything there in a few weeks. The articles about dreams and Reiki seem to do best there. I started the blog to share my spiritual journey, hoping it would help others.

Writing Through the Soul: Possibilities

Thinking about what to do next, I have found that any type of writing helps the soul grow. I have been thinking about making a writing journal about soul growth. Writing is an expression of the soul and writing is very therapeutic for many people.

Halloween is on the way.  I have been thinking about writing a collection of strange stories. I love flash fiction and I have had a few ideas for some strange mystical stories. I am still not sure, what I am going to do next.

With National Novel Writing Month coning up, I have been giving this a lot of thought.  I have a few ideas I am thinking of working on. A series of books about my spiritual journey.  This idea has come to me may times over the years.  I have notes and outlines for three different books.  I am not sure if I want to write them as fiction or nonfiction. Something I am still thinking about.

What is going on in your writing world?

Do you participate in National Novel Writing Month?

Thanks for reading.

Much love and light.

Brenda Marie 

One thought on “Writing Through the Soul: What’s Going On in the Writing World?

  1. I still try to write daily, but sometimes the writings are much shorter – a two line couplet of sorts here and there. Behind the scenes, I am in the editing phase of a book of poetry, am developing some of my lyrics into songs, into an album in concept, at least. I have an art commission to finish, and have a few short stories knocking on the door of my free time, which shrinks or grows. Thank you for sharing – it is an interesting transition right now. I had kept a blog with energy work/spiritual growth for a long while, and more recently there is a different kind of shift, maybe like weaving those dedicated sessions into more of a way of daily being.


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