Sammi’s Weekender #227 (ramshackle) By Brenda Marie

This is my first time doing one of Sammie’s writing prompts. The prompt for this weekend is ramshackle. This prompt kind of brought back the darker side to my poetry writing.  Thanks, Sammie for a great prompt.



Living in a ramshackle and disappear.

Does anyone really care?

Days bleeding into nights.

Darkness is all that is in sight.

Has the world forgotten how to fight.

Or maybe everyone thinks this is right.

Nonviolence is the way to light.

The truth will not delay.

It will come through in all they say.

Or, for this, we pray.

Is love on its way.

Darkness never wins,

But who is to say?

The darkness has not gotten its day.

We will just have to stand by observing

Waiting to see the way this will all end.


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