Writing Through the Soul: Writing Helps Heal the Soul

Writing Through the Soul: Writing Helps Heal

Writing helps heal the soul. These days there are many books out on how writing (journaling) can help you heal your inner-child or childhood trauma. This is also true for writing poetry, drawing or painting. Being creative in any way can help you heal. Creative expresses the soul. Sometime people can say things with their artwork they cannot with their mouths.

For me personally, this is what my poetry is all about. I have always known writing helped me deal with the difficult moments in my life. Sometimes I get too busy to write. These are the days when I need to make the time to write.

If you are having trouble getting started, there are journals with prompts to help you. Many websites have prompts that will help as well. Artwork in any form can help people have a better understanding of themselves and their trauma. They have proven it over the years.



Writing Through the Soul: Writing Heals Childhood Trauma


When healing childhood trauma, self-love and self-forgiveness are so important. You need to know in most cases it was not your fault. Much of the time, we need to look at these traumas through fresh eyes. It helps us have a better understanding. Most of the time, they did not teach us how to deal with these problems in the right way. Or we did not understand what was going on.

Reiki and other spiritual practices can add to writing to help deepen the healing process. There Rem are many practices to choose from. Use ones that work best for you.

Remember not to be so hard on yourself when you are doing any healing practices. Know yourself well enough to know when you need to get professional heal. Sometimes some wounds are too deep to heal alone. There is nothing wrong with needing a helping hand.

Than-you for reading,

Much love and Light,

Brenda Marie

9 thoughts on “Writing Through the Soul: Writing Helps Heal the Soul

  1. I totally agree with this post. Writing can be a great tool for mending the soul. A journal since I was young and write poetry to process my feelings. It’s a great coping mechanism.


  2. True that. To me, writing is most therapeutic when I can balance writing for myself and for an audience. Else, I just fall back to writing only for myself, and that also helps me figure out what’s going on in my mind. There are so many ways to express ourselves through writing and it’s such an underrated tool to healing our soul. Anyway, thanks for this post!


  3. Hi Brenda, thank you for the message from your soul. I too exercise self-love and appreciate the advice you give on how to heal past traumas. Much gratitude for your post. Sending lots of love and virtual hugs. Jaime


  4. Nice to meet you, Brenda!
    I agree, writing, painting or making music is a great outlet in many life situations.
    When I’m upset about something I’ll often write a blog post. It usually doesn’t get published, but it has helped me sort through my thoughts and emotions.

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