Healing Takes Time


Healing Takes Time


Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Let me be clear: it takes time to heal.

Your pain is real.

It goes deeper than you know.

Your pain shows up in your soul.


Your pain helps you grow.

You heal it. You get past it.

But, it takes time

Don’t you know!


Don’t put yourself down.

Don’t fall to the ground.

Healing can be profound.


But healing takes time.

Time to go underneath it.

To reveal the truth of it.

To see how it changed you.

Understand your pain.


How you deal with it.

Where you put the blame!

Understanding your pain is healing it.


You have to deal with it.

You become more self-aware.

You show yourself, you care.

Go deeper if you dare.


It takes time to become strong again.

The relief does come.

When you take the time to go deep,

And find what you seek.

You repair your own soul.

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