Who is Archangel Raphael?

 Who is Archangel Raphael?



Who is Archangel Raphael? Archangel Raphael is one of the seven Holy Angels or Archangels. He is the archangel of healing. He appears throughout in many religions. We know him by many names.


Other Names for Archangel Raphael


  • The angel of the spirit of man
  • Healer of the Earth
  • Healer of Humanity
  • Saint Raphael
  • Saint of Medicine
  • The Healer or Doctor Saint
  • God’s Healer
  • God’s Doctor
  • God has Healed


Who is Archangel Raphael to Healers and Doctors?



Archangel Raphel is the Archangel who teaches and guides many spiritual healers, energy healers, doctors, nurse and even shaman. Archangel Raphel is the one to give the gifts of healing to humans. He shares with them ancient knowledge, wisdom, and intuition. All healers and national therapies can call on him for help. He is the one you would pray to for the sick or hurt. It is said, Archangel Raphel helps guide the energy of all energy workers and healer He is the one you would call on to help with emotional wounds as well.


How Do You Know Archangel Raphel is Contacting You?


How do you know Archangel Raphel is contacting you? One of the most common ways of knowing Archangel Raphel is around you is if you hear birds singing out of the blue. Some people get a whiff of the scent of sage, myrrh, or frankincense. He can appear as an emerald green orb. Some people hear is messages in a soft but firm voice. There are those like myself who have seen and talked to Archangel Raphel. He appears as a tall older man with a long white beard. He is usually dressed in a while or blue robe with a white or blur aura of light around him.


My Connection With ArchAngel Raphel


Archangel Raphel was the first angel I even came in contact with. My family knew at a young, that was a healer. My great-grandmother passed away when I was four years old. I was sitting on my grandmother’s step and a shadow of a man sat down next to me. He was comforting me over the loss of my great-grandmother. Archangel Raphel will appear to those who are in mourning to comfort them. I did not know who the man was at that point. He disappeared as quickly as he appeared. And I told no one about him. He has been with me in many forms ever since.


Thank-you for reading much love and light,


 Brenda Marie Fluharty


Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2022 all rights reserved

One thought on “Who is Archangel Raphael?

  1. How wonderful that you met him! I wonder if he is the being I talked to the night I wasv9 and thought I was going to die. I can't remember how the being looked. This is great information! I love that he guides healers and that we can ask him for guidance, helo and healing. – Jeanine


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