New Moon Meditation And Ritual




The New Moon


A fresh start is what the new moon is all about. The new moon is a time to make plans and start putting them into action. The new moon is a time for new beginnings. Many people set new goals during the new moon.


The new moon is also a time to let go. Let go of the fears that are holding you back from making your dreams come true. Letting go of addictions that are holding you hostage. It’s time to let go of beliefs that are holding you back. The new moon is also a great time to heal childhood wounds or the shadow-self.




New Moon Meditation And Ritual Create Your Sacred Space


Your space is your own. When doing any spiritual practice, create a sacred space that makes you happy, comfortable and feeling relaxed. It does not matter if your space is indoors or outdoors. Make it your own.


Cleanse yourself and your sacred space before you begin. We can do cleansing with water, sage, crystals, symbols, extra. Use whatever you prefer and works for you. Make it your own.





New Moon Ritual


For my new moon ritual, I make a list of all the things I want to let go and a list of items I want to manifest. When I light a candle, I read a list of things I want to let go. I burn the list. The ashes blow away in the wind when I burn the list.


I read the list of things I want to manifest out loud. I hum or chant. Some people like to write symbols to help with the strength of the manifestation. My manifestation box is full of crystals and reiki symbols, to add strength. I put the list in my manifestation box. I also end everything with a prayer and I thank my angels, guides, guardians, the ascended masters, God or the Universe. You can make your ritual as big or and small as you like.





New Moon Meditation


Make sure you are fully grounded. It’s best to be barefoot. If you can go outside and stand on the grass or in the dirt. Feeling the energies of the Earth flow through you is very grounding. Relax by taking a few deep, full breaths. Start by feeling the energy running through your body from your feet to your head.


What do you feel? Are there any blockages? Does the energy feel stuck in some places? Do you feel pain anywhere? Is there some type of difference in the energy anywhere? If you feel any of these or something else. Focus on those areas and send healing energy to them. Release any heaviness you feel.


Focus on your heart. How do you feel? What comes to mind? What is it you truly want? Feel the warmth of the new moon energy filling your whole body. Feel the power and strength of the new moon’s energy. This energy fills you, giving you the power and strength to fulfill your desires. Picture in your mind, your dreams are already being fulfilled. Follow the guidance that is given to you. Thank the moon, your guides, guardians, angels, ascended masters, God, and the universe.


Use this ritual and meditation, but make it your own. Add your own touches to them. Chant, sing, drum, add something that makes it special to you. Have fun with it and make it part of your routine.


Thank-you for reading. 
Much love and light,
Brenda Marie Fluharty


Photos and content by ©2022 all rights reserved


3 thoughts on “New Moon Meditation And Ritual

  1. Those are some great ideas for a ritual, Brenda! I like that you add your list of what you want to let go of, too. It's like you're clearing space for everything you want to manifest.


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