Discovery of the Soul


Be brave and be bold

Look into the deepest depths of the soul.

See all that you have ever been .

Look within.

See the many lifetimes, you have lived.

See your soul from the beginning of time.

See your soul at its prime.


Look at all you have ever done.

See all that you have ever seen.

Be everything there ever was.

You are a part of God from above.


You are here to explore.

You are here to feel all there is to feel.

You are here to see all there is to see.

You are here to observe, learn, and return

To God, and report all you went through.

To let him know all that you have witnessed.



You are a soul on an unknown path.

A path of discovery and learning.

Discovering all there is for you to know.

You are a witness to God’s experiment in free will.

Your job is to go through life after life, learning and growing.

All along observing all you can

And trying to make sense of it all.

Only to report back to God all that you have seen.


Life is a continuous journey that never ends.

We are all energy.

At the end of each lifetime.

We return to God/ Source to report in.

This is where the fun begins.



Looking for purpose and meaning to life.

We are all scientists observing everything.

Making reports that are kept in the soul

Files for the angels to help us review.

Files that help us all understand that God has a plan.

A plan unknown to all of us, but one we all follow.

Life is nothing more than the discovery of the Soul!





One thought on “Discovery of the Soul

  1. πŸ’œ Such a shame that Goddess is ignored EveryOne; especially by ladies 🚺 😒 πŸ˜ͺ πŸ˜’ πŸ˜” πŸ˜‘ 🚺 EveryBody



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