Heal the Wounds of the Soul

Go deep within and find all the wounded parts of the soul.

Call back all the fragments of past lives.

Rediscover all you truly are.

Heal the deepest wounds of the soul.

By finding them, loving them, and forgiving them.

Forgiving and love are the strongest energies there are

They heal the deepest wounds of the broken soul.


Go deep into your heart to heal

The wounds of childhood traumas of this lifetime first

They are more vast than they appear.

Look closely and discover all the hidden

Fears, shame, self-hatred, and despair.


No two souls can compare.

There is no one to blame.

This is all a part of the game.

Learning how to let go, heal, and forgive.

These are the lessons of the soul

To help you grow.

Content and photo  by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2022, all rights reserved

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