Angel Walking With Me

We all have a loved one, we were close to here on Earth.

When they cross over to the other side, they become our spirit guide.

For me, this person was my beloved grandfather.

Who is yours?


Angel Walking With Me


There is an angel beside me.

There is an angel who guides me.

This angel helps me to see

Myself for who I truly am.


He shows me the secrets of life.

He helps guide me,

On my path.

The path God has for me.


He helped me to see

God works through me.

He introduced me to other guides,

That help me.


This angel lived on Earth.

He helped shape my spiritual path

When I was young.


He taught me love never dies

It only changes form.

Loved ones who cross over,

Never leave you.


You just have to have

Your mind opened

And let them come through to you.

You see, my grandfather,

Has always been my guide.


He has always been by my side.

It took time to understand,

He was a part of God’s plan for me.


My grandfather guides me in the work

I must do here on Earth.

That is to share my spiritual journey.

Helping others understand

God has a plan for everyone.

But we do not have to do it all alone.

When we ask for help, the angels come through.


My dearest grandfather was the first of my many spirit guides.

I tell you this with great pride.

I know he is always by my side.


You too have a loved one who is your guide,

Waiting for you to call upon them,

So they can help see you through all you must do.





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