New UK Book Releases: 2023 Week #4

Reblogging great New UK Book Releases: 2023 Week #4 from Jenny Blackhurt. If you are looking for some great reads here are some wonderful books.

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This is another weekly post I introduced in 2022 which will show some of the new UK Book releases each week.

These will be books on my to buy list, that I have found from various sources.

New Releases:

💜 My Sister’s Secret – Diane Saxon

Genre: Thriller

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Publishing Date: 19.01.23

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Four sisters, four secrets. Who has the deadliest of them all?
Something happened to me when I was nine.

My childhood memories before that fateful day are gone. Extinguished.

The aftermath has become a living nightmare with a guilt that runs so deep that I’m not sure I can ever tell anyone. I fear I’ve left it too late…

The burden of my secret and the hurt and pain that silence cost each and every member of my family is too overwhelming.
But you can’t avoid fate and…

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