What is Spiritual Mysticism?



What is Spiritual Mysticism?


Spiritual Mysticism is the path I have walked. I believe one needed to learn all they can and make it their own. I have studied many religions over my lifetime. Believing in a creator of all. One needs to look within and find their own path back home.


Spiritual Mysticism is looking within and discovering who one truly is as a spiritual being. One must let go of all they have learned. To find who they truly are. Spiritual Mysticism is a pathway of self-discovery and self-awareness.


We are all expressions of the Creator (God). We must rediscover the God spark within our own souls. This is our guide to the path back home. The spark within our souls is connected to a bigger spark that still lives in Heaven. The spark still in Heaven will show us the way back to where we truly belong.

What is Spiritual Mysticism’s View of Jesus?



Jesus was one of many Ascended Masters, who came to Earth to show the rest of us the way back home. He was a guide who showed us we must rediscover who we truly are. We are all a spark or part of the Creator. We are all beings of light and we must become beings of light once again.


Look at Jesus’s teaching after his Resurrection. This is where his true teaching to his Disciples are hidden. His true teachings were of self-awareness and learning how to regain the light body. Jesus was a Grand Reiki Master. Sending the Reiki energies that helped enlighten his followers.


Everything is made of energy, even the pathway to Enlightenment. Jesus used Reiki to send the energy of the Holy Spirit to his followers. This gave his followers the ability to do this as well. But, he is not the only one. All the Ascended Master did this as well.


These are my personal views. Things that I have discovered along my spiritual journey. Thank-you for reading. Much Love and light.


Brenda Marie Fluharty

Content and  photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2023 all right reserved

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