What is Energy Work and Energy Healing?


What is Energy Work and Energy Healing?

What is energy work and energy healing? If you studied high school biology, you know everything comprises energy. Everything in the world is energy. Even our thoughts and feeling are energy. Energy work and energy healing are learning how to understand and use the natural flow of energy.

All energy has a flow to it. Think of the ocean waves as they go back and forth. Energy work is just first being able to feeling the energy flow, then being able to have an understanding of energy. Everyone can do this, it may take some practice. You may even need someone to tech you how to do energy healing work.  It’s like any other skill, if you don’t use it, you lose it.  The more you practice it the better you get at it.

Energy healing is more in depth. It’s learning the different energies, how they flow, and if there are blockages, learning how to remove them. Some people have to be attuned to certain energies before they can feel them. This is where Reiki and other energy healing workers and teachers come in. There are many wonderful energy work masters out there that can attune and teach how energy works.


What is Energy Work?


Energy works starts out with a person who feels and notices the differences in different types of energy. Everything and everyone are made up of energy. There are people who naturally know when energy is out of balance. Energy work is the rebalancing of out of alignment energies. Believe it or not, there are countless types of energy work.

There are many forms of energy healing; Reiki, Qugong, Shieki, Pranic, and others. Reiki is a form of energy work. I have had over 100 different Reiki attunements and I still could take thousands of more. I have learned that some of the Reiki energy attunements are similar. Just like different energy systems are like Reiki.


What is Energy Healing?


Energy healing is just what it says healing the energies. Light workers are energy healers. I am not going to go into energy healing too deeply. It can get a bit complicated and there is way too much involved. Basically, energy healing is seeing or feeling the energy fields around something or someone. The energy healer knows if there is something wrong with the energy. There could be a number of different things wrong with the energy. It could be blocked, too high or too low, just to name a few. Energy work fixes the problem. It may take a few sessions of energy work to fix what is wrong. Fixing energy depends on what the problem is and what you are working on. Whether it be human, plant, or animal.

An energy healer is a channeler of sorts. Before you get upset. Understand that channeler, just mean one can move and change the energies. Many people dislike the word channeler. But, if you think about it, you channel energy or at least try to channel it. If you are hurt; you put your hand over the sport that is hurt. In this way, you are trying to or you are channeling energy.

I hope this article helps you have a better understanding of energy work and energy healing. Thank-you so much for stopping by and read.


Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie Fluharty

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7 thoughts on “What is Energy Work and Energy Healing?

  1. Hi Brenda, most recently, as of last year, I have been getting into energy work on myself. I am curious about the energy work I could eventually do with others. I have heard of reiki, but I have never tried it. Perhaps that is next on my energy healing journey. The best book I have been reading and learning about this subject is, The Energy Codes, by Dr. Sue Morter. Thank you for sharing your energy knowledge. Looking forward to learning more about your energy healing journey. Sending lots of love and gratitude,Jaime


  2. You have been so inspiring to me! I feel like our recent conversations have been meant to be, and I am feeling called back to my faerie shaman, Reiki roots. And I love your explanation of energy work here, and am looking forward to reading more of your writing. I hope you will write about what you mentioned about having more than ten Reiki attunements. I hadn't heard that before and would love to know more.


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