Experiencing the Love and Alchemy of Fire

Sharing Rhea Dopmeijer’s beautiful words about mastering the power of Alchemy.

What is Love?

Experience the love and alchemy of fire

You need not worry, dear one,
All is well.
The energy you are feeling in your body,
Is an adjustment to the new incoming energy
brought in with Cheiron and accompanied
by the huge Solar Flare as a deepening of
the love and energy that was coming in
at this time in the Crystalline Core
Of Gaia and your inner connection.

With the creation of your Nature in assembly
with the Nature of Creation on this Planet,
where you arrived so long ago and you were
aligned and attuned with the Crystalline Core
and all the crystals in your Energy Body,
before you choose to step through
the Wall of Fire to bring in the experience
of duality and returning this gift Home in this lifetime.

By aligning again,
the Wall of Fire elements are here to guide you
and keep you balanced

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