The truth about your Inner Strength

Wonderful article on inner strange by Rhea Dopmeijer. Talks about things we all should know. It’s a must read!

What is Love?

The truth about your inner strength

When you are connected with your Heart

Listening to the whispers and nudges,

Not even doubting what to do next,

You are tapping into your inner Strength.

It is sometimes really subtle to hear

And it requires a certain tuning in

Ready to listen with a different kind of hearing.

When you are able to step aside

The essence of the inner truth will be revealed.

If you are debating or doubting what you hear

You only have to ask yourself, is this love?

What will be good, not just for me,

But also for the other one as well.

How can we benefit the most in a non-dual way?

The moment you step away from the force

Or even from a fight in order to make your case

You can step aside to hear what the best solution

Can be in any kind…

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