What are Twin Souls?

What are Soul  Mates?

Do you know what twin souls are? Do you know what soul mates are? Most people think they know what the word soul mate means. But, they really have no idea what a soul mate is.

They think a soul mate is a person of the opposite sex that they were meant to be with. But, this is not true. Do you know that you could have millions of soul mates? A soul mate is a person of either sex who thinks and perceives things in a similar way you do. Think about your friends, members of your family, and the people that you interact with at work; they can all be considered your soul mates.


What are Twin Souls?

A twin soul on the other hand, is someone who is so much like you, it’s almost hard to believe. They are someone who is like you in almost every way you can think.  Twin Souls can help us heal and grow in spiritual ways. Twin souls help us to see our shadow-selves.

Most people will never know their twin soul or even run into them. It rarely ever happens. Usually, they are so much alike, they cannot stand one another and do not want to be a part of each other’s life.  There are a few cases of twin souls finding one another and even getting married. Twin souls getting married are very rare. When and if it does happen, it is something very special.

It is thought that if twin souls meet, it’s because both of them have broken the reincarnation circle. That they are both on earth to somehow help the world in some way. They are Lightworkers or Starseeds, here to help the planet rise it’s vibration. They are meant to know one another so they can help each other with their life purpose and soul mission of helping making the world a better place.

Do you know anyone who knows his or her twin soul? Do you know someone who has married his or her twin soul? I do know many people who have met and ended up marrying their twin souls.

I wonder what it means to know there are so many couples like this on the planet right now. We are living in an age of great change. Souls that have been on the earth since the beginning of time are still here doing good for a world which is in great despair.

content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2023 all right reserved



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One thought on “What are Twin Souls?

  1. 💜 I THINK!!! of it as Soul Spouses who may NEVER!!! Encounter Each Other in 3D but ARE always Energetically Evolving and Ascending; in Summary Soul Spouses are NEVER!!! Ever DisConnected regardless of Relationships with Others and Inevitable Break Ups

    nisi mortuus nec neque nolite vicit 🤭🤫🤐




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