Poem: Life Begins


Life Begins

Life begins when you live for you.
When you stop listening to what people around you have to say.
And stop letting people make you look like a clown
Because your opinions don’t correspond to theirs.

Life begins when you realize
We are all here to rediscover our true connection to the soul.
No two people are the same
And we must respect all living things
That have come to Earth to play the evolution game.

Discover the love and light in everything.
Realize love and light are everywhere.
Sometimes you just have to look deep to find out where.
See the love that can change the world for the good.
Respect all for who and what they truly are.
We can disagree and still live in harmony.

Life begins when we all realize we can all have different views
And express them with understanding and value.
If we all learn how to honor and not judge one another,
For our differences but recognize
We are all brothers and sisters of this world.
We will soon discover Peace on Earth is possible.


Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2023 all right reserved


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