Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day everyone. Valentines Day is a day for love. Love comes in many forms. This Valintine’s Day love came to me in a very special form. A little angel of love was sent to me. This little angel is Sunshine. She is a little wire haired dachshund. She was giving the name Sunshine because that is what my grandfather called me when I was a little girl and my husband liked the name.

Sunshine was born on November 20th, my birthday.  So, she got the name Sunshine. She is a little sweetheart. She has moved in and healed my broken heart from losing Fred.

She is very playful and loves to run around. She has lots of toys to play with as Bella doesn’t mine sharing.  Sunshine and Bella get along great.  Bella is Sunshines adopted mom.  Bella is teaching Sunshine how to be a good dog.

Bella has scolded her a few times for being too overactive.  But most part they get a long great.  I am sure I will be writing more about Sunshine the future and come back read about how she is doing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie Fluharty

Photos and content by Brenda Marie Fluharty©2023 all right reserved


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