Flash Fiction: Meditation Diaries: The Black River

Meditation Diaries: The Black River

An old woman walks through the forest. A wolf walks by her side. But, this is no ordinary forest. This forest reflects the woman’s unconscious mind. And the wolf is no ordinary wolf. He reflects her higher-self.

The woman is on her deathbed and about ready to cross over to the other side. She was a lightworker, healer, Celtic, shaman, and any other spiritual healer’s or teacher’s name you wish to give her. There were many years in her life when she did not know about her amazing gifts. She could remove the darkest from those around her. Little did she know, she often held other people’s darkness in her soul. She was a filter of the darkness and all filters get clogged after being used so many times.

In the forest, the woman and wolf sit under a willow tree by a river that somehow seems strange. The river has gone dry.

The wolf tells the woman to put her feet in the river as soon as the gold water flows.

Much to the woman’s surprise, a golden wave of water comes barreling through the dried-up river banks. The woman dangles her feet in the water.

She watches as the river’s water turns as thick as tar and blacker than the night’s end. The golden water has cleansed the woman of all the darkness from others and herself that she was holding in her body. This was life, her soul mission and life purpose. She did it without complaining or disgracing others for their sins. She did it without full knowledge of it throughout her life. But with God’s knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, of the humanity’s actual plan. She fulfilled what he had asked her to do. And earned her place among the angels she had called on most of her human life.

The Wolf turned into an Angel, and they walked hand in hand into the golden light of Heaven.


Thank-you for reading,

Much love and light,

Brenda Marie



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