Speak to me about validation

Look at the deep message in this post, it’s very important!

What is Love?

What is it about validation, and why do we need it so much to be validated?

I am puzzled about this topic for a while now because it seems a central core issue within every encounter we have. We all are desperate in receiving this validation for the things we do and to hear or see we matter in the way we are living our daily lives, or performing at any stage in life.

May it be like the parent you are to your children, the wife or husband to your partner, the child from its mother and father, the children in the classroom from their teacher, the monks in the temple from the divine source itself.

Or is it we all are searching for the same and by looking for it forgetting we only can achieve true and honest trust within our hearts and soul. We are mirror reflections…

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3 thoughts on “Speak to me about validation

  1. I searched as well so long this answer … I found Little wisdom lately …and let me Tell You what i feel about validation…is Something so broken inside of us that we feel our force need to come from the world to fix IT …is Like please help me…look at my Smile and see how broken i am …
    I saw that most of the people who look so happy on social media they Have in general miserable lifes …

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    1. It all starts within, isn’t it. Our self love, self worth, self respect all are part of this process of validation. We are being mirrored in the outside world, so by paying attention it will be teaching you new ways. Love is master key in all of this ❤

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