What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

What Spiritual Mysticism is, Really?

I hear these questions all the time. What is Spiritual Mysticism? What is being a spiritual Mystic all about? How can I learn more about being a Spiritual Mystic? In this article, I will explain what Spiritual Mysticism means to me.

Spiritual Mysticism is all about spirituality. I often write about how to become more spiritual. It is also about self-awareness, healing, vibrations, and energy healing work. Spiritual Mysticism is all about healing your soul on all levels. That means following your own path. By doing this, you help heal the world.

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About?

  • Spirituality
  • Self-awareness
  • Vibrations
  • Healing
  • Energy Healing

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About Spirituality?

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About? It says it in the title Spiritual Mysticism is all about spirituality. It is about bringing spirituality into everything you think, feel, and do. Spiritual Mysticism is about living your life spiritually every moment of every day. I know that isn’t easy, but that is the end goal. It’s a lifelong journey.

Many people do not realize the many ways one can live life spiritually. The way you talk to and see other people is spiritual. If you always try to see the God spark or light in everyone, that is living spiritually. I know this is not always easy. There are bad people out there. But, even bad people do good things.

We all argue with people and have misunderstandings. We must try to always look at both sides of things. Remember, everything happens for a reason. There is always something to learn at every moment. It may be something about you. But keep in mind, it’s not always about you. The other person may need your help learning something.

We are all connected. We are all connected to every living thing. Spend time in nature. Reconnect to the earth and the wildlife. This can be a very healing and spiritual thing for most people.

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About Self-Awareness?

Spiritual Mysticism is really about self-awareness and spiritual growth? I believe we are all here on this planet for spiritual growth, learning, understanding, and healing. Self-awareness is a huge part of it. We have to rediscover who we are so we can heal and grow spiritually.

Spiritual Mysticism is really about self-awareness. Self-awareness is defined as the conscious knowledge of character, feelings, motivation, and desires.

Questions to ask yourself to become more self-aware:

  • What are your characteristics?
  • Do you understand your feelings?
  • What motivates you?
  • What are your desires?

Be honest with yourself when answering these questions. If you don’t know, ask the surrounding people. You can go as deep as you want to with these questions. Just remember to be honest with yourself, that is the import thing. And, if you ask other people, make sure you are getting honest answers. Ask a few people and see what answers repeat. These are the ones you will know are true.

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About Vibrations?

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”–Nikola Tesla.

One of my favorite Nikola Tesla’s quote. It inspired me to become what I am today. Yes, I believe we comprise light, energy at different frequencies, and vibrations. That is why I got into Reiki and energy healing. Reiki is all about light, energy, and vibrational healing. When you get attunements in Reiki, they are light, energy, and vibrational being sent to your higher-self.

What Spiritual Mysticism is Really About Healing and Energy Healing?

Spiritual Mysticism is all about healing. It is about healing the inner-child, past-lives, chakras, animals, nature, body, mind, spirit, and hopefully healing the world. Spiritual Mysticism is a way of life and being spiritual is healing. Healing the inner-child means doing deep emotional work on yourself. This could involve past-live therapies, chakra and energy work, or several other types of healing modalities.

Energy healing and spiritual healing modalities are a matter of personal choice. Reiki was the first type of spiritual healing I encountered. I have been doing Reiki and self-healing for over 30 years. I got into past life therapies after I had a few past life readings done. That was over 25 years ago. I really enjoy telling people about my spiritual journey and all the healing I have done for myself. I hope it helps others.

Journaling or writing can be healing as well. I love to write. I have been doing it since I was four years old. Writing has always been very therapeutic to me. Back then, I had no idea it could be spiritual and healing for myself and others. Writing of any kind is healing, so start writing.

I hope you enjoyed reading what spiritual mysticism really is all about. Have a blessed day.

Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie


Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty  ©2023 all right reserved


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