Soul Journey

Two souls came together to walk through time and space together.

Walking hand in hand through all there is to learn and see.

Both thinking, I can’t believe you choose to do all of this with me.


There is a love that bonds these two souls.

No matter what, the Universe sends their way, their ties cannot be broken.

Even when they are not together, each other can still feel their love.


A soul’s journey is endless.

They want to see all there is to see.

They want to learn all there is to learn.

They always want to go home.

They do not know where their home is meant to be.

Until they discover home is inside of themselves.

They see they were where they belonged all along.

They truly understand the love inside of every man.

They truly understand we are all one.


Thank-you for reading.

0uch Love and Light,

Brenda Marie

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