National Walking Day Freeda’s Adventure

Today is National Walking 🚶 Day. I love going for walks. I am going to share some of the beautiful things I enjoy while I am waiting. Tody Freeda had to go to the vet. Here she is sniffing the sidewalk outside before we go in.

Freeda after visiting the vet.

🛑 for a drink before we start home.

Freeda at my feet.

Freeda started barking. I tried to make a video but she stopped. She has so much fun going to the vet.

Flowers in someone’s yard

We saw these flowers and Freeda wanted to check them out. They were very nice. I took a picture instead.

Time to go home.

Freeda had a good checkup. She is going great. She enjoyed her little adventure around the vet office. Now she is in her 👝 ready to go back home. Freeda ejoyed telling you about her adventure. Thank-you for reading. Much love and light. Brenda Marie


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