Looking at Life with Wise Eyes

Self-love with a Little Reflection

When we look back on our lives through the eyes of a person now wise.

We see things much differently. We look at the things we have gone through and realize there were lessons learned.

The deep pain and hurt of our past helped us learn and grow. We now see they were the things that helped set us free.

We walked with people who lived their lives with us yet separately. We realize, while they were helping us on our journey, they must have walked through their own pain and had learned their life lessons. We see their pain and growth. We understand they did the best they could with what they had and understand. They used their wisdom to help guide us the best way they knew how.

Through our wise eyes, that only comes with age and understanding. We learn to forgive the mistakes made by our younger selves and those that walked the path with us. We see all the surrounding beauty. We learn everything around us is a reflection of our own souls helping us to grow. We learn to see the beauty in ourselves.


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