Soul Healing Reading


What is a Soul Healing Reading?

What is a soul healing reading? A soul healing reading, helps you heal your soul.  It is done with different tarot decks. A soul healing reading helps you rediscover old parts of yourself, you may have forgotten about. A soul healing reading may help you heal past wounds or at least look at them and try to figure out what happened.

How is a Soul Healing Reading Done?

How is a soul healing reading done? It depends on what type of reading you are doing.    Are you given a general, one card daily reading, a reading for a person, or another type of reading?  It also depends on the person doing the reading.  Everyone has their own unique gifts and ways of doing things.  Soul Healing Readings vary depending on the type, who is giving the reading, and who is getting the reading done.  The point is Soul Healing Readings are all about healing.

Soul Healing Readings have been around a lot longer than you may think.  They have a very special place in my heart because my great grandmother taught me how to do them.  I was only five years old.  She was 95 when she passed. So, they have been around for a long time.

My great grandmother was the person who gave me my first deck of tarot card.  They were a Sweat Lodge deck.  They gave you spiritual guidance.  I still have and use the deck she gave me.  It’s one of the only decks I use solely one myself. They are almost 45 years old.

Why am I telling you all of this, because once things settle down with my son.  I plan on doing the readings again. I have not made up my mind just how I am going to do them yet. But, that is why this blog is called Writing Through the Soul.  I write through my soul. I felt the need to let my readers know, I plan on doing these readings again.

Soul Healing Readings are all about healing.  Doing these readings for people brought me great joy.  I need to start doing them again, not only for other people but for myself.  In a way they are very healing to me.

Thank-you for reading.

Much Love and Light,

Brenda Marie 




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