Poem: Healing the Inner Child


Inner child healing
Is the place to begin
If you want your soul to mature,
You will explore more levels of consciousness.
Be your inner child’s rock.

Take your inner child by the hand
Help them understand true strength comes from within.
Show your inner child how strong you are now.
Help the inner child have faith.
Help the inner child find its place.
It is not a race.
Give them space.

Everyone needs to learn how to heal.
They need to understand their childhood pain is real
And they need to feel it, understand it and let it go,
In order to heal it and grow.

Going deep into the seeds of the pain
Understand it and letting it go.
Is loving it into a transformation
Of turning wounds into strength.


Thank-you for reading.

Much love and light,

Brenda Marie


2 thoughts on “Poem: Healing the Inner Child

  1. 💜 The Problem is that Mental Health Conditions are STIGMATISED!!! so Sufferers of Mental Health Conditions don’t Seek Assistance from AnyOne else EveryOne and Futilely try and “heal…the inner child” all on their Lonesome Exacerbating Their Mental Health Conditions; the Solution-in-Waiting to truly “heal…the inner child” is don’t be ashamed and embarrassed to approach Trained Mental Health Professionals whether Free or Paid For EveryBody




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