You will awaken to all of it

I love this message about the higher-self from Rhea Dopmeijer. She truly explains it.

What is Love?

You will awaken to all of it

Waking up with this line in my head of a song I know, I realize it is a message I receive from the other side. Or maybe I should say from my Higher Self, who has the overview of any type of situation I have found myself in. Sometimes it is hard to define. I know it when the songs are coming from my beloved in the songs I hear over the radio.

Yet, I have been receiving many confirming messages over a longer period of time already. Mostly a couple of lines out of a song, not always in my sleep, but at times also during the daytime when I am walking outside with the dog. When the surroundings are not too noisy, I am pondering my thoughts as well, the situation I am currently finding myself in.

It has been a…

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