Guidance – silence yourself and listen to the whispers of your Heart

One of the toughest lessons to learn is learning how to let and trust in one’s self and the Universe.

What is Love?

What is it about Guidance?

A most important lesson for me was to let the wanting go, let go of the forcing, even when I feel the urge to write and not know what will come out of it. Just trusting and relying on, just open up to Be the channel and to serve the way it was intended to be.

Shine some light on basic perceptions and create a bridge to the Inner Center of Self, firing up the flames of the I AM, releasing any old aspects with love and clarity, so people may re-connect with their own Soul and Spirit.

Create more awareness within themselves of their own inner Sparkle of Light seated deep within the Heart.

For they are the Creators and therefore have to take up responsibility for their creations, to become the best they can Be, Sparkle of Source, connected within themselves and with…

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