Setting boundaries or losing them

Amazing Insight on boundaries by Rhea Dopmeijer.

What is Love?

Setting boundaries or losing them

Balancing your day-to-day routine
and your inner journey to release and let go,
the material world with all its issues
caused by duality and illusions, you will stumble
upon boundaries between you and the outside world.
And your inner world,
challenged to bring an end to the boundaries and duality inside,
in order to realign with your inner core.
Using the daily issues as a tool and also as a mirror
to explore, showing exactly how far you have come.

And isn’t this the same within your relationship
with others, your partner, your children,
your family, your bloodlines, or extended kindred spirits?
They are a mirror reflection of you also.
Showing you where you win or lose your grip
or the illusion of control.
Since they show you how deeply you love yourself as well.
To see them as a part of yourself,
for you…

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Whenever you are ready

Surrender means going with the flow!

What is Love?

Whenever you are ready

Whenever you are ready to surrender
Into your own Divine Energy,
Particles of Love and Wisdom
Will be activated to bring in more Light
Into your Being and integrating
The Divine Love deep into every cell
An atom of your physical body as well.
By allowing the income of this High Energy,
You will be changed on so many
Different levels of your Total Being.
Connection with all of Creation
It is an important aspect.
You will see the connection
And bring in this realization,
Which you always have known
To be part of you.
For you are built with the same unique
Sparks of Divine Source
And how it will Be apparent
To you that nothing is dividing
you any longer with all of Creation.
Your body is built in the same way
As planet Gaia and the sea life and four-legged ones,
As well…

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What is it about Suppression?

Rhea Dopmeijer explains suppression.

What is Love?

What is it about Suppression?

Suppression is being done by both sides, the moment the power shifts. The moment the shift between energy feminine/masculine was entering duality. Through the incarnation, you are a child of light as much as everyone else. Through lifetime experiences, the balance between both energies got distorted. We not only have to heal the feminine wound as well the masculine one.

Yet, you can only start healing your own wound. From within. The accident, or incident .your soul’s mission to come here in the density of 3D as a human being, your soul incorporation. With the issue at hand. Restore the balance between male/female energy from within. Then there will be no battle left.

You sweet one have chosen this lifetime to finally restore this inner balance. To be the giver as well as the receiver, to be love in all its aspects as well bringing…

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When we start to remember

Amazing article by Rhea Dopmeijer and healing!

What is Love?

When we start to remember

We can speak of past lives and regression, we can talk about hypnotherapy and all the other tools we have to bring us back to the earliest memories of emotional attachments, and emotional wounds because that is what we are mostly looking for. Healing of those areas that have been hurt and wounded, and sometimes we do not even know how, why, or when. We start searching for answers, some of us do, others do not, apparently, it is also part of our design, character, or soul’s expression of how we go about this item.

There are many people who just walk through life, get hurt, and get up, or not, without even thinking about how to heal anything, how to change a way of living, or what to do about it. And there are many people who want to change the way they feel…

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Ancient Esoteric Knowledge – High Self

I am reblogging this wonderful what I call prayer to the higher-self. Thank-you Rhea.

What is Love?

Ancient Esoteric Knowledge – High Self

Releasing old barriers in order of
Enhancing my gift of Vision.
May I see through the Divine Vision of High Self,
May the Crystalline Mind of the High Self be mine.
May I hear through the Divine Hearing of the High Self
May the Divine Heart of High Self be mine.
To hold, experience, share, dream, brought
Into this human being
So I can use my tools with Joy and Excitement.
Deeply loved and be loved
Always safe in the Love of Source
From within connected through my own
Connection with Soul, Higher Self, and Source
Able to use the Knowledge and information
That will be addressed to me
By my Higher Self, which am I that
Stands tall in every cell and atom of
My Human Form, with my own talents
Unique color and energy
To help and to serve in the change…

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Guidance – silence yourself and listen to the whispers of your Heart

One of the toughest lessons to learn is learning how to let and trust in one’s self and the Universe.

What is Love?

What is it about Guidance?

A most important lesson for me was to let the wanting go, let go of the forcing, even when I feel the urge to write and not know what will come out of it. Just trusting and relying on, just open up to Be the channel and to serve the way it was intended to be.

Shine some light on basic perceptions and create a bridge to the Inner Center of Self, firing up the flames of the I AM, releasing any old aspects with love and clarity, so people may re-connect with their own Soul and Spirit.

Create more awareness within themselves of their own inner Sparkle of Light seated deep within the Heart.

For they are the Creators and therefore have to take up responsibility for their creations, to become the best they can Be, Sparkle of Source, connected within themselves and with…

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