Ancient Esoteric Knowledge – High Self

I am reblogging this wonderful what I call prayer to the higher-self. Thank-you Rhea.

What is Love?

Ancient Esoteric Knowledge – High Self

Releasing old barriers in order of
Enhancing my gift of Vision.
May I see through the Divine Vision of High Self,
May the Crystalline Mind of the High Self be mine.
May I hear through the Divine Hearing of the High Self
May the Divine Heart of High Self be mine.
To hold, experience, share, dream, brought
Into this human being
So I can use my tools with Joy and Excitement.
Deeply loved and be loved
Always safe in the Love of Source
From within connected through my own
Connection with Soul, Higher Self, and Source
Able to use the Knowledge and information
That will be addressed to me
By my Higher Self, which am I that
Stands tall in every cell and atom of
My Human Form, with my own talents
Unique color and energy
To help and to serve in the change…

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