When we start to remember

Amazing article by Rhea Dopmeijer and healing!

What is Love?

When we start to remember

We can speak of past lives and regression, we can talk about hypnotherapy and all the other tools we have to bring us back to the earliest memories of emotional attachments, and emotional wounds because that is what we are mostly looking for. Healing of those areas that have been hurt and wounded, and sometimes we do not even know how, why, or when. We start searching for answers, some of us do, others do not, apparently, it is also part of our design, character, or soul’s expression of how we go about this item.

There are many people who just walk through life, get hurt, and get up, or not, without even thinking about how to heal anything, how to change a way of living, or what to do about it. And there are many people who want to change the way they feel…

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