Understanding Dreams and How to Use Dreams to Have a Better Understanding of Yourself

Understanding Dreams and How to Use Dreams to Have a Better Understanding of Yourself

We all dream. We dream throughout the night. Most of us hardly ever remember what we dream about. Most of us would benefit from understanding our dreams. Our dreams are a gateway into our subconscious mind. Dreams are a very important part of life, they can help us work through our problems. Dreams can teach us about ourselves and the world.

There a few important things that have to happen before you can use your dreams to help you. First, you must learn how to remember your dreams. Second, you must write every detail you remember about your dreams.  Last, you must learn how to interpret your dreams.

Understanding Dreams By Remembering Dreams

Learning how to remember your dreams is the easiest step. Once you start, it will become automatic to you. First, keep a pen and paper by your bed. This is so you have something to write what you dream. You should try to write down everything you remember, as soon as, you wake up. This may be difficult at first because most of us wake up groggy and don’t think of writing our dreams down. This too will become automatic.

Think about buying a dream journal. They come with lines already in them for writing your dreams, some even have a special place for dream interpretation. A notebook works just as well. You need to remember that it is very important to write every detail of the dream you can. This is because everything in your dream has some kind of meaning and can be helpful to you. For instance, the different times of the day mean different things. If you dream of an exact time, write it down, even numbers have meaning.

Interpreting Dreams For Self-Awareness and Understanding

The hardest part of learning how to let your dreams help you is interpreting them. Different things have different meanings to different people. There are general meanings for just about everything you can think of. It’s learning, what means what, that is the hardest part.

There are also different types of dreams. There are dreams we have to help guide us through our lives. There are dreams that let us know, about health issues we have and may not know about yet. There are dreams that help us with spiritual growth. And, there are dreams that are trying to tell us about things that might happen to us. It isn’t easy, especially at first to figure out which is which. But, with practice anyone can become good at it.

There are many books out there that can help you better understand how to interpret your dreams. There are also many people out there who are well versed in dream interpretation that can help you. Remember, in dream interpretation the most important thing, is to write as much of your dream as, possible and write down all the details you can remember.  You are the best person to interpret your dreams because you know what meaning things have to you.  Dream interpretation is one of the best tools for better self awareness.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Dream Journals 

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