Everyone Has a Circle of Life

The circle of life is unique for everyone.
We all come into this world at different times and for different reasons.
We all follow our own circle of life.

I was born in the fall and it is with winter my circle begins.
Winter is a time of death.
Getting rid of the old that no longer hold meaning to the soul.
This is where my path begins and I change very much in the winter months.
All my life winter has always been rough for me.

I walk down the cold, icy roads I must follow.
Knowing in my heart and soul that all I see and do.
I must go through.  It will strengthen me.
It is soul growth I seek.
But soul growth often means overcoming fears and pain.
Fears and pain we once did not want to face.

It was in the winter months what seemed a lifetime ago.
Where I learned, for anyone else to love you.

I have walked these winter roads, many times in my life.
This time was different.
I know why I was there.
I know what the end would bring.

I have seen the fiery gates of hell.
I called to my angels and God
To help pull me through.
I made with them by my side.
I am still standing.

Now, I have new pieces I have to pick up.
Old things that must be thrown away.
The trip was hard, but the cleanup really counts.

In the spring that is, when the true clean up begins.
I have not fallen apart.
I still stand here strong right where I belong.
I give the world new hope, new love,  new joy.

Always stand strong.
Walk through the storms of your life.
Learn all you can from all that is around.
Always be there to lend a helping hand.
Do what you can.
Keep your heart and eyes opened.

In the end, the world is a group of loved ones.
We all stand together in love, peace and harmony.
We love, guide and protect each other.

It is what we learn from one another’s pains
That helps us all grown, in the end.
Peace, love, and happiness to all
Whom walk on the Great Earth.
For all who are walking through
Their own winters, know it will end
And the regrowth will; begin.

This is all just a part of the
Circle of Life.
We each have our own circles
That we must walk through!

Photos and content by  Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2019 all right reserved


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