Poem: Writing Helps You Heal

Writing Helps You  Heal

Writing can heal wounds!

There is much more to writing than there first appears.
Many people write for many reasons.
Did you know writing helps you heal?

Many doctors and therapist use the power of words to help their patients heal.
Sometimes it is much easier for people to write how they truly feel.
Somehow their emotions come through much better when they are written down.
Writing can also give you a much better understanding of yourself.

Writing helps you heal.
Writing helps you break free from the pain you feel.
Seeing the word written on paper somehow make them much more real.
Writing is a way of letting go of all the pain that hold inside.
Writing is a way to let go of your past.
Writing somehow makes people feel they have nothing to hide.
Many people write every day in fact.
Just because someone writes something down on paper,
It does not mean they have to share those feelings with someone else.
In this way and many others, writing helps us all heal.

Photo and content by Brenda Marie ©2019 all right reserved

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