My Dog Likes Reiki

My Dog Likes Reiki

My dog likes Reiki. Did you know you can give animals, Reiki treatments? Many people do not realize that it is possible to give animals Reiki treatments. Most animals enjoy it when you give them a Reiki treatment. I believe animals are more sensitive to the flow of energies around them.  Many pets can sense what mood their owners are in.  Dogs know, when you are upset. They will act silly and do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face.

I Enjoy Giving My Dog Reiki 

I enjoy giving my dog Reiki. If you have been following me, you know, I have a dachshund named Bella. You also know that Bella was a shelter dog.  Bella came to my family with a buddy, named Fred.  Fred was an older dog when we got him.  He passed away February 22, 2019.   Bella is taking the loss of her friend well.  She looks for him sometimes. 

They bred Bella to be a show dog.  They fixed her too early, and it messed her up.  She is scared to death of the car and you have to pick her up and hold her tightly, when she is in the car.  My son is the only one she will let put her in the car.  Bella is a very high-strung little dachshund.  My son is the only person who can calm her down.  The poor thing always acts like she is in trouble and runs and hide when someone comes near her.  She often cries in her sleep.

I started giving Bella Reiki treatment soon after I got her. You give an animal a Reiki treatment just like you would give one to a human. The only real difference between giving a Reiki treatment to an animal and a human is that with animals, it’s mostly like petting them when you give them a Reiki treatment.

Soon after I started giving Bella Reiki treatments, she didn’t cry in her sleep as often. It could have been the Reiki treatments or knowing she finally had a real home with people who loved her and would take care of her.  It doesn’t matter what stopped the bad dreams; I am just glad they stopped.  It also helps keep her calm in the car.  Bella is still high-strung, but not as bad as she was before, I started giving her Reiki treatments.

I know that Bella likes me to give her Reiki treatments because of the way she acts. She loved to be pet especially on her belly.  What dog doesn’t like it when you pet them?   Bella will give me this look like she wants more and I know she wanted me to give her a Reiki treatment.  She will push my hand to her,  it’s her way of letting me know she wants more.  I love giving my dog Reiki treatments. I know that giving my dog Reiki treatments helps her calm down and relax.
I hope you enjoyed reading about me giving Bella Reiki.

   Love and Light, 
    Mystic Brenda Marie

Photos and content by Mystic Brenda Marie ©2019 all right reserved


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