Poem: Road to Success

Road to Success

I have had my ups and downs.
I have walked many miles
On a long dirt road. 
Barefoot and in pain.
I have walked this road alone.

I have gone through many changes.
I have learned many things.
Many times I have thought to quit.
The road is rough and long.
I walk this road alone.

Many have walked this road before.
They have learned to endure.
There is magic in the hearts
Of men who decided, to do their own thing.

Dreams have been lived.
Dreams have died by the roadside.

I have tried many things.
Learning many lessons along the way.
I walk my own road.
I have always been this way.

I have always dreamed big.
Many times I have lost my way.
There is always a road back.
Back to the dream in the heart.

Sometimes you have to walk
Many roads to discover
Your true path.

Along each of these roads
There are lessons to be learned.
The lessons you need to succeed.
Things you may not understand.

But, in the long run
You will understand
God has a plan.

If you follow your heart.
If you work hard.
God will give you what you need.
He will help you succeed.

Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved
Photo from Pixabay.com

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