Poem:Into the Darkness



Into the Darkness

She walked through the darkness
Searching for her friend.

A friend that had become trapped
Trapped by misery and despair.

She was scratched, stabbed, and kicked
As she followed the darkened path of her broken friend.

She must move forward to save her friend.
No one else dared to walk this darken path.

She had to be brave to save her friend’s soul.
She was deceived and trapped by the misery.

No one dared to take this journey.
No one else would sacrifice themselves
To the depths of hell just to save
One forgotten soul.

Why would she do this?

Why would she put herself through such misery?

No one really knows!

She found her friend tangled in the webs of despair.
She tried to break her free
But the hold was so strong
All the way through the girl’s bones.

Now what would she do?

Was the love from above
Strong enough to break her friend free?
She tugged, pulled, and finally cut the webs that were so deep.


After many attempts she had broken her friend free.

The girl runs,  leaving her savior behind.
The girl made it back,  freed from her pain and misery.

But what of her savior?

She had just left her friend who saved her there!
Left her behind to wallow in the despair she had saved her from.

Could she save herself from the webs of hell?
Or would she be caught and face the punishment
That was her friend’s Fate!

She had saved her friend from a fate that was unfair.
But, was she now meant to sit in that seat?
No, she was far too strong for that bell to toll for her!


Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved
Photos from Pixabay.com

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