Poem: Write For the Right Reason!

Write For the Right Reason!

From the depths of my soul, I get this feeling.
It’s a feeling I have to write.
This feeling just never goes away.
No matter if I fight it or not.
I was born to write.

I write what comes from within.
I write for me, not for you.
I write to cleanse my soul.
I write because it makes me whole.

Writing is nothing new
Everyone can do it.
All writers write for different reasons.
No matter what the season.
We all get that feeling in the depths of our souls.
We have to write.
There may be no real reason.
We just cannot fight the feeling to write.

There will always be those people
Who love everything you write.
They will enjoy it because they like that part of you.
They can relate to everything you do.

There will always be people who dislike
What you have to say.
And, that is all right.
They will not want to read what you write.
Or, they just dislike what you have to say.
There will always be people who feel both ways.

Write because you feel it in the depths of your soul.
Write what you like and tell the world what you have to say.
Write in your own way and write every day.
It doesn’t matter. There will always be people
Who want to read want, you have to say.

Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2019 all right reserved
Photo from Pixabay.com

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