Book Review Camie’s Angel By Gloria Faye Bates

Book Review Camie’s Angel By Gloria Faye Bates  Amazon Description

Who doesn’t love a good dog rescue story?  If you are an animal lover, you will love this book. 

There is the description from  A little puppy left alone dying, discarded like trash on the cold, wet ground. She lay listening to the sounds of children who ran, played. They used to play with her.

The little puppy cried, whimpered for a kind hand to touch her head. No one came to hold, comfort the little puppy. She was left to die on the cold, wet ground.

Until one day… she heard a kind, sweet voice she recognized…


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Book Review Camie’s Angel By Gloria Faye Bates

Camie’s Angel is a heartwarming story about a woman with a big heart, Gloria Faye Bayes.  She saw a dog in need of help and helped the dog.  This is a wonderful story of a dog getting a new life and a loving home.  There is much more involved in rescuing a dog than people think.  This book is Camie’s and Glória’s story of new hope and dreams. 

When there is a dog in danger sometimes God sends an angel to lend a helping hand.  Camie’s Angel was Ms Gloria Faye Bates.  She saved the dog and gave her a new life with a loving home and much happiness.

Beings I am a dog lover and I have rescued a few dogs’s myself.  I really enjoyed reading about Camie’s rescue journey.  I would highly recommend reading the book to anyone, who loves a good dog story.  All dogs deserve a good home and Camie finally got hers.

  Gloria Faye Bates 

Gloria Faye Bates is an author of the three books; Camie’s Angel, When She’s Good …. She’s Good, and I Cry For Tommy.

Gloria is also a longtime blogger and has shared her works on many web sites.    You can follow her blog Colors in My Life.  Gloria shares many of her heartwarming stories about the up’s and down’s of life.

Gloria is an inspiration to me.  I met her about ten years ago, right after the death of my mother.  Gloria was one of the wonderful souls who helped me get through my loss.  Although, I realize one never gets over the death of a loved one.  We only learn how to deal with them being gone.  I thank Gloria for all that she is and what she means to me.  She is an angel who understands pain and loss.  But will lend a hand to anyone who needs it.  She is a wonderful soul, and I am blessed to call her a friend.

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