Book Review: The Great Train Robbery By Michael Crichton

The Great Train Robbery the Book

The Great Train Robbery is the latest book that I have read. I have seen the movies several times, and I love it.  This is not the first time I have read this book.  The Great Train Robbery is one of my favorite books and I like to reread often. I am one of those people who would rather read a book before seeing a movie. This book was not one of those times, that just wasn’t possible.  I did not have the book before I saw the Movie, “The Great Train Robbery.”
The book was written by Michael Crichton and published in 1975. For the time, the book was scandalous because it talks about the London Underground world. The book covers prostitution, gambling, and the criminal world.
For me, the book was an amazing read. The book filled in some blanks that were left by the movie.  Of course, a movie isn’t going to be as detailed as a book. If a movie were as detailed as a book, the movie would be way too long.  I have read this book several times and highly recommend it.

The Great Train Robbery the Movie

The Great Train Robbery is one of my favorite movies. It stars two of my favorite actors, Sean Connery as Edward Pierce. Pierce is an exceptional thief looking for excitement. He decided he was going to pull off the first robbery on a moving train. He is going to steal the Crimean gold. Pierce employees Agar played by Donald Sutherland, to help him make a set of keys that will open the safes that carry the gold.
The Great Train Robbery is an amazing movie that tells the whole story of the train robbery and all that the thieves must go through to pull off the job. I don’t think any other two actors could have done this movie better than Connery and Sutherland. The two of them play off of each other amazingly well. You should watch their facial expressions throughout this movie, they say so much, without saying a word.  In my opinion, one of the greatest movies ever made.
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