Flash Fiction: The Park Bench

I base this story on a dream I once had about my husband’s and my grandfather.  They were sitting on a park bench watching over us from Heaven.

            The Park Bench

Two older men sit on a park bench and watch as all the people go by.  They talk about their grandchildren and the happiness they brought into their lives. A love so strong,  a bond that will always live on.  The two men sit, they watch and gaze as the people walk by them.  The two men watch as if they were looking or waiting for someone to come near.  All become clear at 3:33.  The two men look to the sky and they can see their two grandchildren walking by.  They are married and walking hand in hand.  They are happy because of the love they share.  The two older men look at each other with a smile.  They did find one another.  That was the plan.  We will watch over them and see what life give them.  If, they both begin to understand.  At 3:34 the two men get up and walk away.

Content by Writer Brenda Marie Fluharty©2020 all right reserved

Photo from pixabay.com

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