Poem: Set Yourself Free

Break the glass!

Stop looking at the past.

Life moves too fast!

Let go of the pain.

There is far too much to gain.

Let go and break free!

Your past isn’t what people need to see.


Your soul is bright and beautiful

You are full of love.

No one cares what you were.

They want to see the lovely soul

You are now.


Break free from your past.

Know nothing ever lasts.

Not even a spell.


Your soul cannot be broken.

You have grown so much

Release the cast from your past.

Break free from all that does not serve you.

You are no longer that person you were back then.

You are stronger.


Step forward into the place you were meant to be.

Let the world see the genuine person you can be.

Only you can set yourself free.

Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved



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