Writing Through the Soul with Gratitude

Writing Through the Soul with Gratitude

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Writing Through the Soul with Gratitude

Back in March 2020, I fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine. I published a book of my poetry called “Writing Through the Soul”. Over my lifetime, I had written thousand of poems. When I was collecting the ones in this book, it felt like some higher-power had done the choosing.
Every writer dreams, their work touches and helps people. Since March, three people have written reviews of my book. Each one of them makes me cry. I thank each one of them for their kind and loving words. I am so grateful; I have spoken to your soul in some way.
My grandfather once told me to write for yourself. It did not matter what anyone else thought. I did just that when I wrote “Writing Through the Soul”. It’s a book of poetry from my soul that healed my soul.

Reviews of Writing Through the Soul

Rachel Hannah wrote an Amazon review of Writing Through the Soul on Amazon. I love the photo she used. I can almost see her reading the book with a smile on her face. Thank-you Rachel.


Martha DeMeo has an amazing way of doing reviews, she shares her life with you through her reviews. Martha’s review will make you cry. I have warned you. Here is a link to Marth’s review of “Writing Through the Soul” on Martha’s Reviews.


Photo from Review This Review

Barbara Tremblay Cipak’s review of Writing Through the Soul really hit a cord with me. Barbara is one of the wonderful lady’s that help get me started writing online. Although, I have known her for years, I never realized just how much we have in common until I read her review of my book.  Lovely artwork!! Thank-you Barbara.  Barbara Tremblay Cipak’s review of Writing Through the Soul can be found on Review This Reviews.


My Review of Writing Through the Soul

It’s never easy for one to write a review of their own book. I fully admit I am not great at writing any reviews. I will share with you some of my favorite poems from this book and why I enjoy them so much.

By far, one of my favorite poems is Earth Angel.




I am not alone in this many people have said they love this poem. We have all met many Earth Angels in our lifetimes. Those people who touch us in some magical way. I have known many.


Photo from the Martha’s Review


Here is my latest little Earth Angel, Lia Faith DeMeo, Martha DeMoe’s great-granddaughter. I dedicate Earth Angel to Lia. She always puts a smile on my face. She loves to cook and garden. At two years old, she is already an Earth Angel!


Love Yourself is another of my favorites. We have all heard these words many times, but do we truly love ourselves? There is nothing more important in the world than truly loving and forgiving yourself. It is something that should be taught, but I do not think there is a way. We  just have to find it within ourselves.


Warrior of Light is a much loved poem.  I love the power behind.


God’s Golden Light has gotten the most views with 1,462 views.  It’s the poem on the back cover of Writing Through the Soul.


It was a blessing for me to write the book. I am grateful for all the reviews. This book was the first of many, I’m sure. Thank-you for reading.

Much love and light,

Writer Brenda Marie

Content and photos by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved unless otherwise stated



12 thoughts on “Writing Through the Soul with Gratitude

  1. I have read your poems over and over and each has a special meaning. But Earth Angel is by far my favorite! Thanks for the shout out and dedicating Earth Angel to Lia.. love it! Hugs and love my friend!


  2. Brenda good for you for following through and creating such a lovely book of your words that speak so clearly as to who you are and what matters to you. Thank you for sharing today!


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