Poem: Night Muse has Much to Say




Connecting to my muse

Is not an elementary thing to do.

My muse is a night owl with wisdom and insight.

I am a human and need sleep at night.

Throughout, my life, my muse comes

In the night’s darkness to shed light

Or, to give wise words that must be heard.

My muse is a strange bird

Wanting its voice to be heard.

Often I give in and listen to my muse sing.

Writing in the middle of the night

Writing by only the glare of the computer light.

I do not fight my muse; I love to write at night.

In the night’s quiet, my muse’s voice can be heard

And it will not disturb me.

Writing during the night sets me free.

I have discovered that as I get older

I need the sleep night brings.

There have been times

When I thought sleep had set in

But my mind wanders and ponders

Till the morning hours.

I feel like a clown.

I wear a frown.

I should have written

When my muse wanted me to

Now, I am sad and blue

I did not write down what my muse wanted me to.


Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved

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