When I found Out About Past Lives

 When I found Out About Past Lives


I was seven years old, when I realized we have all lived before. Every person has past lives. My father was a hypnotist. I do not know how he gained his skills, but he was good at it. I remember the first time I saw him hypnotize someone. It was my sister’s boyfriend. I sat on the floor next to them, silent and still, and watched what was going on.

Some people can be hypnotized easily, My sister’s boyfriend was easily hypnotized. I watched as my father spoke softly telling him to watch the watch, my father was swinging in front of his face. My father helped him relax and go into a trance. My father did not play any silly games, making him do or say anything silly. My father walked him through his life and childhood. He remembered being in his mother’s womb. My father tried to get him to go back even further, but something happened and he got scared. My father woke him up right away.


Wanting to Know About My Past Lives


After witnessing this whole scene. I wanted my father to hypnotize me. I wanted to know about my past lives and I was much younger. There was a lot more my father could learn from me. Maybe I would even tell him about death and Heaven. Come to think of it, this is where my obsession of the life cycle and death began. Thank-you dad for a lifetime interest in these things, they have become my life’s work and purpose.

I was not so easily hypnotized. My father tried everything he could think of to relax me so he could hypnotize me. I wanted him to do it. But, no matter what we tried, nothing worked. Many of the relaxation techniques he showed me, I still use to this day. So, I got something out of it. Sadly, he could never hypnotize me. He told me people with strong wills can not be hypnotized. I was upset about it at the time. I guess I have a very strong will or deep down I did not want him to hypnotize me. I will never know why he was never able to hypnotize me. He tried several times throughout my life, but it never worked. By the time I was in my teens we both gave up on him being able to hypnotize me.

My father was a great hypnotist. He quit smoking, using self-hypnosis. He taught me self-hypnosis. I am hoping it helps me to quit smoking. Self-hypnosis to quit smoking takes a lot of self-discipline and time. You have to do it every day for a month before it even starts working.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I learned we all have past lives, Thank-you for reading.

Brenda Marie Fluharty


Photos from Pixabay.com



Content by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved



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