Flash Fiction: A Visit to Stonehenge


 Flash Fiction: A Visit to Stonehenge


This is a flash Fiction story, I wrote when I was young. It’s based on a dream I had. Even as a young girl I have always wanted to visit England. All my life it has been like Stonehenge has been calling me to come visit.


A gateway back in time to another place in the world. It was like I was flying through the night sky over vast farmlands, but also like going back in time. It was a dream, but it seems so real.


When I landed, I was in an enormous field. I was dressed in a silver gown with a shining blue cape. I was dressed like a Celtic priestess, or someone of that nature. An older man gestured for me to follow him and without thought I did.


We walked through the mountains for what seemed like days to me. I knew where I was, or at least I knew where the man was taking me. When in the distance I could see stone circles. I was in England, but not modern day England. All the stones of Stonehenge were standing upright.


When seeing Stonehenge this way. I thought to myself, could this man be Merlin? Wow, Merlin the wizard, I have read so much about and seen depicted in so many movies. If he was, I must be dreaming, I would go along with it, until it ends. I wanted to speak to the man and ask him so many questions, but no words came out of my mouth, when I tried to speak.


We arrived at the opening of the great ancient structure. The old man gestured for me to walk in, and I did. I walked to the center of the great structure. I looked around and everything started spinning faster and faster. The dream was over.

Content and photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2020 all rights reserved



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